Holy Smokes!

    Holy Smokes is a band that surfaced at this years Burly Calling, taking to the stage right after Say Yes on the Wednesday Night at Joe Dogs Bar and Grill.  This band hails from..... well I guess Southwestern Ontario. Jake Dunning of Burlington currently in St. Catherines for School along with Sam Old of Oakville also in St. Catherines for School and Alex Hamnett of Burlington, currently in London for school brought some high energy and very solid Original Tunes to the stage. Rocknroll with a melodic punk edge to it.  They started the set stringing a couple of originals tunes together that many of those in the front row seemed to know or caught on very quickly to the lyrics. They followed that up with a cover of Local Punk Band "The Penske File" tune "Home" which continued to keep the crowd on their side. Three more originals including a blusey seventies rock style tune called Holly Jane and the set was over way too quickly, leaving many in the crowd saying "Holy Smokes, where did these guys come from?" If you get the chance be sure to catch them live. Rumor has it that there is an ep currently being recorded.  Upcoming shows include London Jan 21st at The RIchmond Tavern  Burlington Jan 27th at the Boston Manor. Hard to tell with these guys as they seem to be a little socially awkward when it comes to sharing news on social media. :)  You can watch part of their Burly perfomance here



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